Friday, July 15, 2011

Google+ Tells Me my Shortcomings

So I get the big invite, I drink the kool-aid, and there it is.... my blog. This poor wretched ghost of a thing that is malnurished and begging for its death blow. But I say "No Sir! You will not go quietly into that night!" Instead, I shall try to breathe new life into this empty vessal.
Since my vacation starts tomorrow, I will try to add a bit of exotic spice to the internet soup by posting some new info LIVE FROM COMIC-CON!
Envy is yours, let it consume you....

Friday, May 29, 2009

Vacation Daze

Whilst the title lacks whit, worry not. For I go to a much better place, one away from work, where my mind can wonder free and unbridled. While I am away, please feel free to roam about aimlessly, eager for my return.

People always ask "Where are you going?" I reply "Is it not enough that I am away from work? I enjoy my toys and the home I have built to cater to those toys and whims!" Once they have stopped staring at my non-existant third ear, they mumble incoherently, and walk away peterbed. Wankers all, truly my life is avarice. I do enjoy a trip, and wish to be on the beach or across the Ocean, but never do I feel the "need" to escape home. Pitty wells for those discontent souls. Should they wish true happiness for me, they would pay for the vacation they envision me embarking on. Oh that the Travel Channel would discover me.

Stop staring. There is no third ear.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am that which I have become by doing.

Truly I have become that which I cherish. I think little on the matters of day to day. Whilst on a journey through the room of servers, I sought a tool of great power, my powered screwdriver.

An observer of this adventure commented that I could easily complete the task without the aid of a powered unit. It was not that I required the power, but that it was mine. When looking for the unit, I said to the observer that "Maybe I left it in my blue box." This box is a kit of the most ordinary items that are carried along to distant lands when my duties oblige me forward.

Then the truth came down around me. I work with Physicians that often refer to me as a computer doctor. I travel around with a Blue Box, trusting in my powered screwdriver.

If only I could find my pocketwatch....

Friday, May 8, 2009

Move over big dog, the Naughty Dog is movin' in.


Lunch at the Naughty Dog was a direct result of a coupon received by a fellow worker. The fact that a coupon can drive one's desires is fascinating, but the introspective of that conundrum shall wait at present.


Expecting a BDSM for Canines, I was pleasantly surprised by a hotdog shoppe catering to the culinary rainbow from the mundane (Plain) to the Exquisite (Chicago "Long dog" 10 inch). My options abounding, I partook of the Chili "Long dog" sans mustard, and a whole pickle.


The dog contained even amounts of chili, onion, and cheese. Its approximate measure was true to its claims, and was properly cooked. If they had failed at cooking a hot dog, I would weep for their souls, which would be forfeit to Greasy Spoon Hell.

My cohort ordered something that only Bards sing about in Tales of Yore. I refer to the Chicago style dog. Imbued with: Tomato Wedges, Pickle Spear, Chopped Onions, Sweet Relish, Sport Peppers, Yellow Mustard, and a dash of celery Salt, it is truly a site to behold.

Unbeknownst to me, this devine gift may not be consumed by and of itself. One must also consume French Fries elegantly covered in a melted Cheddar Cheese-like substance. These items together form a powerful lure for even the stoutest of men (or women). My guess was the Diet Coke was merely a ruse to keep these items from me.


The offerings at the Naughty Dog filled and quieted our primal nourishment needs. While quite good, I rarely hunt hot dogs out to fulfill my nourishment. As my travelling companion stated "You know where to go if you want a hot dog." Succinct and yet elegant.

If you happen to make it there, tell them Loc sent you, and then laugh when they have no idea who I am.

My wife started this.

Let it never be said that I do not place blame where it is deserved. You endure the twisted spasms of my reality due to 'her' influence. This blame does carry a punishment, as she has outed herself as one of the Alphas.

Tread lightly among her thoughts, for they caress the fringe of Geekdom, and cuddle the bizzare ways of Brock Sampson, Tim Minchin, and The Doctor. Although she may rebel againt her nature, she is quite aware of The Signs and their meaning.

You may bound among her nature here: Closet Geek Confessions

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Oblig Welcoming Post

I have been informed that one cannot simply "blog" what one wants without the expectation that they create a "Welcome Post."

So welcome! I am not sure what this blog is destined to become. I imagine a desolate landscape of crazed adventures where meaderings of my twisted mind vie for superiority and cookies. Should that plan fail, I will simply revert to taking pictures of food, eating food, and then telling you how that food was. I may also place tales of adventures you could have had, were you me before they began, or adventures you could have with me, were you invited.

With this, you have been invited into the innermost circle of my being, unless my whims of fancy shift. But be forwarned, as the adventure will twist and turn, and you may lose your way among the lost.

Abandon every hope, ye who enter here.